i make and post pride flags here, i accept requests !! all flags i post are ones that I made but I also rt other's flags !! request in dms / via forms – credit me to when using my flags !! no priv qrts
☁️ peter / fang / joke ☁️ he/vamp/xe(xem) physically disabled nd ∞+ minor aphroflux intersex genderfluix tma futch toric cinthean greyroseflux ambialterous otherkin afro-indigenous


I have a right to refuse any flag request for any reason, you can use my flags but if someone asks who made it; direct them to my acc
mcyttwt, racists, transphobes (terfs, transmisogynists, etc.), toothpaste flag users, proshippers, most otd accounts (ask first), fnf, genshin enjoyers (unless I follow 1st)